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We like to blog about Costa Rica!

We are more than a real estate team. We feel as a big family and we always like to meet to share our ideas and perceptions about life, about Costa Rica, our activities, our daily life, our kids, our job, our clients, etc. We like to talk about simple things as which restaurants are betters, the last road who has been paved in town, who won the surf contest and where to get the special organic oil for a insect bite! We are from all around the globe and we all moved abroad for a better life. Some of us are Canadians, some are Americans, some are native Costa Ricans, some are Europeans. We are also a mix of Catholics, Christians, Jehovah's witnesses, Buddhists and deists! We are a colorful team, happy to be living the dream life in Costa Rica! We all chose Guanacaste to live our lives with our families.

By reading our blogs, you will feel different perceptions, different cultures, different religions within the same office. But all of us share one thing: we love our lives and we are very happy to work together and live the Pura Vida life!

Enjoy your reading :-)

Apr 23, 2014
Source:http://www.indexmundi.com/factbook/compare/nicaragua.costa-rica For those who want to invest in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, read this! I resumed the most important parts in the pdf. Isabelle Emond, Owner/Broker
Mar 28, 2014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnSycuWSlWY Isabelle & Martin  
Mar 13, 2014
We have seen an increasing number of families moving to the areas of Playa Flamingo, Playa Grande, and Playa Tamarindo in the last ten years with the addition of private schools that offer international accreditations.  A lot of our clients ask us about information on the education system so I wanted to provide some details and links about...
Feb 11, 2014
Driving in Costa Rica My clients often suggest they’ll be renting a car to get around and tour the country, or upon arriving at the airport use the car as a ‘cheaper’ transportation option.  Sometimes I have to just cringe.  The driving experience here in Costa Rica is different than it is in North America and Europe.  Best to...
Jan 25, 2014
The road system has dramatically improved in Costa Rica during the last 15 years. Living in Costa Rica in my mid twenties, I was constantly traveling around the country. I had my car fall through a bridge, driven through numerous rivers, and over thousands of miles of dirt roads. Now, when I drive with my children to Costa Rica’s famous...
Jan 17, 2014
WHY ONE COLORADO COUPLE DECIDED TO RELOCATE TO HACIENDA PINILLA COSTA RICA In 2005, we were living in Colorado and Mary was consulting for the prison system in Puerto Rico. A funny thing happened! While she was there on multiple occasions; she felt physically better than she had felt in two years. We discovered that the reason was because she had...
Jan 14, 2014
  Costa Rica Real Estate Market report "What's the market like in Costa Rica?"  This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get as real estate agents in Costa Rica. Our Re/Max offices are located on the Northern West coast of Costa Rica, also known as "the Gold Coast" for its wonderful white sandy beaches, warm water,...
Dec 09, 2013
          Having already gone through the step of buying a property in Costa Rica, we thought it was important to prepare a useful information document. What, when, where, how ! Where to start? The first thing to do is to determine the purpose of your purchase: investment, rental property, primary residence...
Nov 26, 2013
  Costa Rica's roads have been infamous for years in the travel community.  "Costa Rica is the most beautiful place in the world. . . but what's with the condition of the roads!?" was a common lament among visitors.  Most Costa Rican residents on the coasts have been stranded at one time or another when the roads to our...
Nov 14, 2013
November on the North Pacific Guanacaste coast has gotten off to a beautiful start. After our normal wet months of September and October, the area is lush and green. However, we're definitely experiencing the transition into the dry season, as we see more sunshine everyday and the air is noticeably less humid. We're excited about the upcoming...